Calvary United Church of Christ
Consistory & Commissions
Consistory Officers 2013
Chris Mathias - President
Becky Crist - Vice President
Sherry Bauer - Secretary
Linda Himeback - Treasurer
Rona Britton
Scott Freed
Marlene Latshaw
Sherry Bauer
Becky Crist
Kathy Latshaw
Chris Mathias
Darlene Latshaw
Deb Kurtz
Connie Jordan

Responsibilities:  Persons on this commission are responsible for the care, maintenance and general upkeep of the church's buildings and grounds.  This can be accomplished by a combination of organizing work crews among our congregational members and locating those who are skilled workers, as well as contacting outside vendors and contractors when necessary to complete work projects and repairs.

Duties:  It is important that the church building and grounds are kept in good repair and its equipment is operating in satisfactory order at all times so that the functions of the church can occur with as little disruption as possible.  Examples may include indoors:  lighting, the sound system, the furnace and air conditioning, kitchen and office equipment and other related items needing attention.  Outdoor items may include:  parking lot areas, replacement and trimming of trees and shrubs, the septic system and well, flower beds and the pavilion.

Note: It would be an asset if some of the persons on this commission have a variety of building and maintenance skills, thus being knowledgeable about what would need to be done.  It is important that someone on this commission be able to make contacts during the daytime hours with maintenance and service personnel.  keep in mind that the members of Calvary are very talented and many of the maintenance items can be handled in house.

According to our recently updated Calvary U.C.C. constitution, the Fellowship Commission:
- Provides kitchen crew for luncheons for special services and funerals
- organizes the Fellowship Dinner
- Consists of men and women getting together fundraiser's, which include but are not limited too the pot pie dinner,
flea markets, vegetable soup supper, spaghetti dinner, chicken barbeque and the holiday bazaar.

We also have the February Fling with DJ Dan Frantz who provides music for dancing and Karaoke.
These activities not only bring church members together to bake, cook, clean and serve, but also help to form lasting friendships. 
In Christian love, Calvary U.C.C. opens its doors to members of the community.  Tasty baked goods and warm fellowships are always on the menu.

As stated in the Constitution of Calvary U.C.C., the spiritual care of the congregation shall rest with the Spiritual Council. the Spiritual Council is composed of the Pastor and active Elders of the congregation.

The Spiritual Council meets regularly throughout the year to assist and support the Pastor in the spiritual interests of the members of the Calvary Church.  The Elders also provide a communication bridge between the congregation and the Pastor, and upholds the concerns of the members in prayer with the Pastor.

It is the Spiritual Councils goal to encourage all of Calvary's members to experience the Sacrament of Holy Communion throughout the year.

The Council also considers and welcomes with the Pastor those that wish to unite with the family of Calvary as new members.  The council reviews and acts upon requests for letters of transfer from our members.  We note baptism of members and meet with the confirmands in their spiritual and faith journey to full membership.

Employee reviews, of the church staff is also the responsibility of the Council, to address any concerns or suggestions they might have to help or enhance the well being of the church and congregation.

The Worship Commission shall be responsible for the worship and music ministry of the congregation.  Duties include:
*Formulate the church year calendar
*Prepare service schedule (acolytes, usher teams, parament colors for each service)
*Prepare bread, wine and grape juice for Holy Communion
*Assist in Lenten Scheduling
*Decorate the church for Lent, Easter, Harvest Home, Christmas
*Work with the pastor in planning worship and services
*Rosebuds on the altar for newborns


The Stewardship Commission exists to create meaningful ways for the members of our church to give of their time, talents, and treasure. The people who work on this commission encourage congregation members to share their time and unique talents with Calvary and the larger community. Our church, its grounds, its activities, and its impact on the world are limited only to the skill and imagination and time devoted by our members. As the apostle Paul states in Romans 12:5-6, So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.  Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…

Most of us agree that we have time and talents—“treasure,” on the other hand, can be a stretch. But we live in a country that is so rich compared to the rest of the world.  The Stewardship Commission advocates for the prudent use of financial resources to care for our congregational needs and the greater world.  We encourage generous giving because as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has made up his mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

We meet monthly except for the month of August. 

We prepare the budget annually for presentation to Consistory.  We conduct an annual audit of the Treasurer and Fund Raising Treasurer’s books.


This commission is charged with reaching out to the local community and beyond into the world.  This charge is accomplished through a variety of activities during the year.

January – Blanket Sunday for Church World Services
February – Food donations for Boyertown Multi-Services Emergency Food Pantry
  – Blood Drive at Calvary for Miller Keystone Blood Bank
March – Daffodil Sunday for the American Cancer Society
May – Blood Drive at Bally Mennonite Church for Miller Keystone Blood Bank
August – Blood Drive at Calvary for Miller Keystone Blood Bank
September – Harvest Home monetary donations to Bethany Children’s Home or Phoebe
     – Food donations for Boyertown Multi-Services
        Emergency Food Pantry
October – Boyertown Crop Walk, a five mile walk to eliminate World Hunger
November – Blood Drive at Bally Mennonite Church for Miller Keystone Blood Bank


The Great Commission by Jesus in the final verses of the Gospel of Matthew tells us that God has commanded him to commission the followers, us, to go out and train everyone we meet in the ways of God.  Our charge to evangelize is pretty clear!
At Calvary, we are in the process of splitting the Stewardship Commission into two commissions, one for evangelism, folks focused on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ; and one for stewardship, folks interested in the financial considerations of Calvary United Church of Christ.
In March 2008 we held an upbeat Evangelism Workshop at Camp Mensch Mill and are looking forward to helping more and more people grow their relationship with their Maker. 


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