In the summer, Calvary has a unique program of vacation Bible School.  All ages are welcome, classes are available for the youngest to the oldest in every family. 

We begin each evening with a shared meal, greatly appreciated by busy families.  An opening program follows after which each age group carries out the Biblical theme for the evening in various activities.  The children hear Bible stories, have classsroom time together, do crafts and sing songs.

 It is a wonderful time of study and learning and those who attend are always sad to see it end.
 The choir is a wonderful opportunity for adults to learn about God in a musical way!  There is an active adult choir at Calvary,  that meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. September through May.
SUNDAY SCHOOL:     9:00a.m.-10:00a.m.
September through May
Sunday School at Calvary is for all ages!  At Calvary, we encourage the whole family to attend.  From pre-schoolers, who can attend their own class, up to their grandparents, there is a class with something for everyone.  There are classes for all school age children, including a junior high class and a senior high class for teens. Two classes are offered for adults.  During the balance of the year, all classes meet at 9:00 a.m. each week.
Christian Education Opportunities
Calvary United Church of Christ









As a child of God, local churches offer young people the opportunity to understand and give public assent to the baptismal promises that their parents or guardians made to God on their behalf when they were infants. 
Confirmation is a genuine attempt to help young people discover the spiritual side of their being and to nurture their Christian faith for lifelong discipleship.  Three key questions are: 1) Who is Jesus Christ?  2) What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus Christ? And 3) Are you ready to be a follower of Jesus Christ?
Confirmation will delve into the Bible, discover what it means to be a Christian, what it means to be Protestant, what it means to be UCC, what it means to be Calvary.  Students learn about the history of the church as a whole and about our small family of believers – Calvary United Church of Christ.  We will also learn about the basic tenets, beliefs, and doctrines of the Christian faith; our sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion), the Trinity, Eschatology (life after death), and Prayer. 
Practicing serving Christ by serving others is a theme of the confirmation program.  Community involvement in local outreach projects is on the agenda this year.


The Youth group at Calvary is led by Chris & Denise Mathias.  Please see the Youth page for current updates.  
Nursery                       Joan Albitz & Chris Mathias

Elementary                  Connie Jordan & Denise Mathias

Junior High                      Tammy Saylor & Tracey Frey

Faith Builders Inc.                       Class Representative

Sunday School Superintendant - Tracey Frey
Sunday School Secretary - Kathy Latshaw